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My WordPress Development Story

How I become a successful WordPress professional.

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My Journey With WordPress Development​

I started my Journey as a WordPress Developer in 2012. I set up my office in my friend’s place in Bibwewadi, Pune. He let me use some extra space in his computer repair shop with electronic scrap and old computers piled up all around.

But I enjoyed this experience somehow. At times, I would go to a client’s office and work from there. This was a refreshing opportunity, too.

Later, I moved into a low-cost rented single room with my mother, who helped me focus on my business by taking over my household responsibilities.

WordPress was a Technology I Accidentally Discovered in College

I was first introduced to WordPress technology by one of my close friends in 2009. Notably, I had started playing with WordPress as a hobby at the college where I was doing my Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) at Pune University. However, I was not serious about building a career in WordPress at that time. To begin with, WordPress was undervalued or ignored by many people due to incorrect perceptions concerning its amazing capabilities.

Later, I Self-Learned WordPress without anybody’s guidance. When I started working with WordPress, very few resources were available and I had to constantly experiment with this technology to attain proficiency.

How I Overcame my Challenges and Peer Pressure.

My biggest challenge was seeing my friends get good jobs with nice salaries. They could buy cars, computers, nice furniture and even their own apartments.

Although I was getting customers, my earnings were low compared to my friends’ fat salaries. I also went to a couple of job interviews, but I could not make it.

My other challenges included not owning a computer, a lack of a business background, few customers who could not afford to pay market rates and no Internet. I also used to run out of money often, forcing me to walk or take public transport to the customer’s place, instead of hiring a taxi or an auto.

I also had no contacts and references in the city of Pune. At one time, I was up against a brick wall with no way forward.

These setbacks only strengthened my resolve to be an independent WordPress Solution Provider.

I learned website designing and online marketing principles through intensive hands-on interaction with technology. This knowledge helped me boost my customers’ sales and web traffic.

The Turning Point

I started taking up projects just to cover my monthly expenses. In addition, when I met genuine people, I provided my development services for free.

I also started teaching WordPress technology to other newbie developers to earn some extra cash. I received an enthusiastic response. In the meantime, a good friend lent me his laptop. This Helped, a Lot!

My First Customer

I posted an ad in a local business directory. Shailendra called after looking at that ad. His friend needed a website. He offered me that job. That was my first project. Shailendra and I still work together and now we are good friends, too.

After that, I never looked back. I got clients back to back. I was unstoppable.

Soon, I was working 16 hours a day. Sleep became an irritating necessity. I was working 24×7, and I was enjoying it.

My clients were happy with my work because I put my heart and soul into it. I still do.

My first signs of business expansion

As a result, I started getting great references for my future bids. I had the trust of my existing clients. So, larger businesses began trusting me with their online investments and WordPress Projects.

Also, I had developed the talent for explaining WordPress technology in the common man’s language. In this way, I could convince more companies and individuals to give me their valuable business.

The new commercial orders helped me hire 2 technical personnel in 2014.

By this time, I was getting more than 5 calls a day. My confidence was at an all-time high.

Today, I have customers from other countries, too, especially Australia and the UK.

I operate a Private Limited Company that hires many full-time and part-time employees. Most of my technical personnel have been with me for more than 5 years.

I am first a business solution professional for my customers. They are confident that I will create simple solutions to their complex challenges.

WordPress is a Technology that 43.3% of the Internet Trusts

WordPress has demonstrated remarkable growth. It has grown with the Internet. As of Feb 2022, 455 million or 43.3% of websites used WordPress.

So, I am committed to taking WordPress to the next level.

But Most Importantly, I am refining my requirements gathering and management process to serve the tiniest needs and wants of my customers.

I will continue to offer to my customers the latest stable WordPress Plugins. Through these tools, they will be able to confidently compete and succeed through enticing designs, fail-safe digital marketing, and up-to-date secure websites.

As always, I will continue my efforts to provide the best solution within your budget and to your exact needs and wants.

Sustainability is my Priority

I have been a nature lover since I was a child. I grew up in a farming community. My father owned farmlands in my village, and I grew up in the lap of nature.

When I see trees being cut, I feel great sadness and a desire to do my bit to save them.

I Save Trees by helping customers take their business online and prevent printing of marketing, advertising and administrative material. 100% use of digital products for daily operations with no single-use paper or plastics means minimal carbon emissions.

My team and I produce near-zero carbon. 100% remote teamwork from home means no personal or public transportation, lifts, and unnecessary office facility use.

All my employees are from Rural India and work from rural, atmosphere-friendly locations. No commuting or use of air conditioners means minimal carbon footprint.

My Vision is

to build and grow the online success of individuals and enterprises of all types and sizes through my business skills, technology expertise, thorough testing, security, digital marketing, and continuous upgrades.

I am on Mission

to adopt the user-friendly, simple and yet all-in-one WordPress technology to deliver enticing designs, secure websites, budget-friendly options and competitive features to grow your sales.

The Values that Helped me First Drive my Business Today

Real clients. Real reviews.

My skills and expertise are appreciated and recommended by clients

I have received 100+ five Star reviews on Google My Business from Genuine customers.


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Somnath is Pune’s best WordPress Developer and is very dedicated and punctual in this work. He understands requirements quite fast and well, gives very practical suggestions, and once on the Job, completes work very quickly. He is the best choice available for the WordPress website design. He is highly recommended.

Rajesh Sivapalan

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wordpress developers Pune

Somnath is very grounded and open to teamwork in his approach. His team understands minute aspects of WordPress and they know how to iron out problems however small they might be.

Pooja Chaphalkar

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Somnath and Eternity Web Solutions are now my trusted partners and go-to company for all things website design and development.

Highly recommend them for their detail-oriented approach to project analysis, adherence to timelines, and their ability to pivot swiftly in the face of challenges.

Kashif Ali

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