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I offer the best WordPress Security Services to build customer trust.

WordPress Security Services

Cost-effective WordPress Security Services that will keep your website safe, up to date 24×7, 365 days a year. 

WordPress Security Services

How to Protect Your WordPress Website and Customers Data

My WordPress Security services can help you build trust in the online market.

Your customers trust you with their personal and financial information. If their credentials or bank information is stolen from your website, they may lose their confidence in your business. Also, bad news spreads fast! Investing in website security features is like investing in a reliable locking system for your house. Website security is your insurance against hackers stealing valuable business and customer information from your website.

How Do I Do It?

My WordPress Security Services ensure your long-term prosperity.

Virus Scans

A simple virus scan leads to much better website security. Daily virus scans running in the background can keep your website safe and secure. I use popular and robust antivirus products and regular scans to ensure the total safety of your website.

Firewall Installation

Be safe with firewalls that help you avoid malicious attacks from hackers. Firewalls make it difficult for even the most advanced hackers to gain illegal entry into your website. With the best, affordable hosting services I offer from my partners, your website will be located behind hardened, hack-proof barriers.

Real-Time Monitoring

You can be assured of instant alerts through my real-time monitoring techniques. When you detect attempts at data theft beforehand, you can respond quickly to prevent a breach in security that can lead to loss of reputation or customers.

SSL Certificate

SSL is a transmission protocol that all websites benefit from. SSL ensures that your valuable data is encrypted during transmission. We use the latest SSL certificates to give you the best protection available with this technology.

Database Protection

I ensure additional protection for the databases. I enforce strong passwords at the database level. The MySQL database used with WordPress has many settings to secure your data. I use these security settings to deliver dependable data security.

Force Secure Passwords

Simple password discipline can do wonders for your website. Enforcing password change, strong passwords and multi-factor authentication through OTP can help keep your website completely safe.

Protecting Files

Hackers often compromise your security by updating your files with their malicious code, which executes to help them extract and transmit information from your database. With additional permissions at the file level, you can be assured of secure files that hackers cannot manipulate.

IP Monitoring

I use the latest techniques to monitor IP addresses for suspicious behaviour. If we find that users from specific IP addresses are showing suspicious behaviour, like trying to access your back-end files or database, I will shut down that IP address and investigate that user’s authenticity.

Our WordPress security services builds your customers’ trust and confidence.

More Security Features

Failsafe Cybersecurity makes all the difference

Work in a safe online atmosphere and protect your customers and business.

Block Malicious Code

Some malicious code online mimics Google Search Engine Bots. I have programs and features in the websites I build to differentiate between genuine bots and malicious code that imitate bots. So, you are safe from malicious code running on your website.

Verifying Links

Nothing is more irritating to your customers than a link that leads nowhere. Moreover, hackers use spurious links to intercept and divert customer data to their fake websites. I run frequent link-checking scans to eliminate link-related problems on your website.

Manage Inactive Components

Plugins, Themes and Codes that are not regularly updated can be exploited by hackers to gain entry into your website and database. I identify these components of your website and update/maintain them regularly to assure the security of your website.

DNS Changes

Malicious hackers update your DNS cache to divert your customer traffic to their websites to steal data. I monitor any changes to your DNS IDs to ensure suspicious players do not breach your site’s security.

Cookie Management

Hackers often steal a legitimate user’s cookie and use it on your website to access sensitive information. I ensure your cookies are encrypted with the latest techniques so that the embedded information is safe and invisible to others.

Comprehensive Testing

WordPress offers more than 60,000+ plugins from numerous vendors and sources. I verify the plugins before using them on your website. Some plugins and themes, mostly the free options, need additional security measures to keep your website safe. I do full testing before using WordPress plugins or themes.

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