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Improve WordPress website speed by fixing speed issues?​

Improve WordPress website speed by fixing speed issues with my 10+ years of experience.

Why website loading speed matters?

It definitely makes sense to improve website speed because the potential customers can get frustrated or even disillusioned waiting ages for the page to load. This is the main reason for the high exit rate on your webpage.

What I do to Improve WordPress website speed

Theme Optimisation

I will check if website theme is up-to-date and well maintained. I will update the theme if updates are available.

Plugin Optimisation

I will check if all plugins installed on the website are up-to-date, clean code, and well optimized for website performance.

Image Optimisation

I will ensure if images uploaded on the website are in proper format, optimize the image uploaded on the website.

CSS Minification

I will minify all the CSS files on the website by using WP Rocket plugins minification method.

JS Minification

I will minify all the JS files on the website by using WP Rocket plugins minification method.

Database Optimisation

I will optimize and clean the database tables. I will remove unwanted comments, post and pages.

How do I Improve WordPress website speed ?

Improve WordPress website speed with caching plugin, CDN service or Cloudflare.

Supercharge your web speed step-by-step

Improve WordPress website speed in simple steps

We all know that a faster loading website goes much beyond Google rankings and conversion rates. As a website owner, you should aim at making the users happy, letting them stay longer through an interactive website, and ultimately giving them a better user experience! When all these falls in place it will definitely lead to more signups, more clicks, and more money in your pocket!

It is a fact that even premium themes can be optimized in a better way, thanks to WordPress, as it comes with a huge collection of pre-designed layouts and easy to use page templates.

With vast experience in website design and development, we know how to improve WordPress website speed. Examples of Optimize theme is a modernly designed theme with the most amazing SEO plugins. Generatepress, Studiopress, WP Astra, OceanWP, and Jupiter are a few examples of best themes providing speed and fast load times.

At Somnath Jadhav, we work around total performance solutions for optimizing your WordPress website. “Minification” removes all unnecessary characters from the code and optimizes your webpage for better load time. Our team takes this as a worthy tactic to implement. We use the best-caching plugins for WordPress like WP Total Cache, WP Rocket, and Smush Image Compression.

In simple terms, leveraging generally means how long web browsers should keep images, CSS and JS stored. This will make the browser load fewer data improving the load time. At Somnath Jadhav, our services go much beyond the general change requests for headers to cache or optimizing the caching policy. With us, on your side, you will never have to worry about any cached data!

We bring to you some of the most popular and effective plugins and methods are chosen by us:

A. Cache plugin with CloudFlare
Cloudflare speeds up your website and protects it from security threats, loading twice as fast as your average website. At Somnath Jadhav, we know the fact that Cloudflare runs the largest and fastest DNS network in the world. We have leveraged this power for many companies and want you to make the most of it

B. Cache Images plugin
In simple words, Cache images are a plugin that gives users the option to sideload images. These images are added to the WordPress media library so you can use all tools related to images. With Somnath Jadhav, we assure you of using the best caching plugins on WordPress improving your website loading speed.

C. Content Delivery Network (CDN)
A content Delivery Network or CDN consists of several servers placed at strategic geographical locations. It stores copies of the website locally so that users away from the main server can quickly load them. At Somnath Jadhav we build infrastructure behind your services, providing utility or access to data for the end-user.

We enhance CDN to :
i. Improve web load time by giving visitors a faster User Experience (UX), reducing bounce rate, and engaging the visitors

ii. Reducing Bandwidth Costs: The consumption costs go up due to the back and forth of data going to the origin server. We through caching and other optimizations reduce this cost by making optimum use of bandwidth.

iii. Improved Web Security: Through CDN we provide DDoS mitigation and improvements to security certificates, thus enhancing the much needed secured environment for your business to thrive.

Webfonts are the tools for delivering your message effectively. At Somnath Jadhav, we use web fonts as a prudent strategy delivering the best UX through improved speed and lower performance cost!

For a website to be successful choosing the right hosting provider is one of the most critical decisions to make. Chances are that choosing a wrong hosting provider can land your website in hackers den; at Somnath Jadhav, we provide the most enhanced level of service for your online business. Through consultation with us, we gather your requirements like expected traffic, hosting price, security requirements, and customer support. With us, you will never have to read the fine print!

At Somnath Jadhav, our experienced team often solves issues related to WooCommerce caching.

A case study: Recently one of our clients applauded us for solving their carting issues. The problem was that the cache plugin tends to cache everything on the site including cart and checkout pages. With WooCommerce it happens that the cached page did not show the latest version. This led to the cart displaying the wrong order in the wrong cart during checkout.

Solution: we found that a plugin called W3 total cache caused issues. We uncache some data like cart, checkout, and account data, configuring the minification portion and excluding certain pages.

WP Rocket is a special mention here which is fully compatible with WooCommerce. All WooCommerce pages are automatically detected and not cached. With WP Rocket we saw a speed improvement of 27 to 84%. With DB optimization, Minification, and enabling mobile device caching WP Rocket stands as one of our favorites.

At Somnath Jadhav, we know for the fact that more traffic comes from mobile than from desktop. According to Amazon, every 1-second lag costs nearly 1% dips in their income! We optimize mobile websites for increasing conversions and decreasing bounce rates.

At Somnath Jadhav, for mobile websites, we reduce images by using tools like imagify, include a CDN, and use a great web host for giving all users that “awesome” experience. We are the one-stop solution for improving website speed on mobile.

Typically most of the website owners know the importance of speed and average well on it. At Somnath Jadhav we do not promise exceptional speed, what we do deliver are instant speed and better conversion rates. With a high level of service and commitment to deliver organic results, we are unarguably one of the best speed optimizers in the market!

We don’t want you to take our words without any proof! Below we present a few examples of customers where we have delivered results and have gone much beyond the plain “speed fixes”

Recently Optimised Websites

Below are the recently WordPress websites optimized for speed

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