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WordPress Website Development

You can expect a great website that caters to all your business needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you create ideal website for you.

WordPress Website Customization

WordPress customization is one of the key features that make any website unique. I will help you create a custom WordPress website.

WordPress Website Maintenance

I regularly maintain and support your WordPress website by taking backups, monitoring uptime, so that you can focus on your business.

Ecommerce Development

I develop feature-rich WordPress websites, ecommerce stores for small to medium businesses.

Blog Development

I am expert in making a custom, beautiful, functional, blogs. I design custom blogs for my clients.


I can help you with website planning, design, development and growth of your existing website.

How I Can Help You?

My web design services can help rediscover your business image in the online market.

WordPress Development Company India – WordPress is probably the most acclaimed and known CMS that enables businesses and individuals alike to create visually impressive and appealing websites that are designed to provide users with a satisfactory experience to easily view websites.

This is why most businesses prefer WordPress. We are WordPress Development Company India and we strive to deliver excellence, presenting you with exactly what you pay for! Gone are the days when you have to constantly have to run after your WordPress developer to get him to create the perfect website for you. With us, you can expect great work- guaranteed!

We are well aware of the kind of tasks you may have in mind with regards to your website. Therefore, we offer a range of services that are meant to complement the kind of work you want us to do. We develop brilliant websites for corporations, businesses, institutions, individuals and many more, showcasing not just their services but also a visual of their success and the attention to detail that got them where they are today.

Why WordPress for your website development?

Many peoples approaching us for website design and development has common question: why should I use WordPress for my website? Why not html or php or any other platform? And honestly, we get it. We understand that you will be concerned, wanting for the best to come out of your investment into your firm’s website. That’s why we compiled a list of reasons why you should invest in WordPress web developed:

Beautiful designs, Powerful Features, and Freedom to build anything you want.

WordPress is an open-source, free Content Management System(CMS). You can download WordPress for free from, install it on your server and modify as per your requirement. Using WordPress you can create any kind of website. WordPress does not require licensing fees for the development, modifications or additions to the code used to create the websites. This makes it cost-efficient as well since you’re saving a bit of money.

This is the top reason why WordPress is so much popular among all the web designers, developers, bloggers or website owners. Using WordPress you can create any kind of website you want: Business website, product review site, portfolio website, personal website or blog, educational forum or government portal. Everything is possible with WordPress. You can change the design of your website by using WordPress themes and make them beautiful. If you want additional features in your WordPress website you can do it by installing plugins.

Every WordPress theme has a powerful options panel or theme customizer. By using the panel or customizer you can easily control the design elements of the theme. You can change the colors, fonts, logo, and images. WordPress Development Company India has an entire service dedicated to this advantage. Customization enables a ton of different features to choose from, enabling individuals to develop their own kind of website. Using plugins, you can add custom functionality to your website. There is a plugin for everything you want to add to your website.

One of the biggest assets of WordPress is that it is very easy and intuitive to use. Because of its simplicity, you can publish your site or blog in a minute. You don’t need to approach your web developers for making changes on the website. Why you will do that if you can make the changes by yourself? You can many issues yourself if occurred. There is a very simple and beautiful interface to manage users, posts and pages, media files inside the WordPress dashboard.

The website’s appearance should be attractive, eye-catching. Content should be easily readable and user engaging. Your website should not be bothered by the website’s navigation features. All links should be properly pointed to appropriate locations. This makes the user engagement experience so much better than anything else. It’s visually engaging and pleasing- users are bound to be impressed by your website for sure! WordPress has many good features that help visitors to give the best user experience.

Almost 60% of websites are viewed from mobile devices. Your website should give the best experience while browsing on any device or browser. If you fail to optimize your website for mobile users, you can lose thousands of customers. Here at WordPress Development Company India, we consider Website responsiveness should be the default feature for each website. Many WordPress themes are based on responsive frameworks like Bootstrap. This theme helps you design responsive websites for all the devices.

Search Engines are the primary source of website traffic. High ranking website pages can bring thousands of website visitors. To get more website visitors, website owners are dependent on Search engine Optimization. Having a WordPress website, you are already putting yourself ahead in the SEO game.

There are many advantages of using WordPress for your website.

WordPress’s code is pretty simple and that’s what’s makes it even more visible during internet searches. Search engines are reported to prefer WordPress sites because they’re far more easier to read. Because of this, with the help of optimized keywords, you can ensure that your website gets more traffic, thus, expanding your business.

Below are the few things which can help you to boost your website traffic</p.

  • Use Of Proper HTML Markups
  • Pretty Permalinks
  • Title Tags and Breadcrumbs
  • Headings Tags
  • Optimized Multimedia
  • WordPress SEO Plugins

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Somnath is Pune’s best WordPress Developer and is very dedicated and punctual in this work. He understands requirements quite fast and well, gives very practical suggestions, and once on the Job, completes work very quickly. He is the best choice available for the WordPress website design. He is highly recommended.

Rajesh Sivapalan

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wordpress developers Pune

Somnath is very grounded and open to teamwork in his approach. His team understands minute aspects of WordPress and they know how to iron out problems however small they might be.

Pooja Chaphalkar

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Somnath and Eternity Web Solutions are now my trusted partners and go-to company for all things website design and development.

Highly recommend them for their detail-oriented approach to project analysis, adherence to timelines, and their ability to pivot swiftly in the face of challenges.

Kashif Ali

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