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Expert help to Fix any WordPress website issue.

Fix WordPress Errors  Issues  Bugs

I have helped many clients to fix WordPress issues ranging from the White screen of Death to seemingly unknown errors!

Fix WordPress Errors

WordPress Errors Troubleshooting!

I will fix any WordPress error, bug in less that 8 hours.

Imagine you’ve got a great website and one day all of a sudden there is an unknown error popping up on your page. You frantically Google to find out that there is no direct solution to this. With nervous fingers, you lookout for a quick fix just to find the Somnath Jadhav website at the right time!

Since the time I started my business I have helped many clients fix issues ranging from the White screen of Death to seemingly unknown errors for which I have quick fixes!

I totally understand the frustration which you face with your WordPress website; hence I have put together a “quick fix task team” to make sure that you don’t suffer any further.

Guaranteed Results Through proven WordPress Skills

Partner with a WordPress Pro and sell like never before!

My maintenance and Website Support services ensure your long-term prosperity.

Hosting Issues

I will talk to your hosting solution provider and fix the issues related to the website hosting server.

Domain Issues

I will check if the DNS is properly configured and working as per expectations.

Security Issues

I will check if the website is properly coded and all security measures are taken care of.

Theme Bugs Resolutions

I will fix any bug that occurred on the website due to theme and plugin conflict or bad code.

Plugin Conflicts

I will check and fix the website brokenissues that occurred due to plugin conflicts and upgrades.

Performance Related Issues

I will optimise your WordPress website, fix performance related issues and make it fast.

I can help you to fix any WordPress website issue.

How do I fix WordPress errors in your website?

The first and the basic step is running what I call the  Fundamentals of quick fixes.

Let me fix your website issues.

Want to discuss my work or a challenge you’re facing?  Leave your details and I’ll get back to you.

I design and develop beautiful, creative, ultra-fast loading, and cost-effective websites. I specialize in WordPress website design, blog design and development, E-commerce Website development, Responsive web design, and WordPress support and maintenance services.

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