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10 Principles of Good Website Design

A good webpage offers users with high-quality website content, they are responsible to compromise the content with announcements and the design of a site. This is the reason why well-designed websites with high content hold a lot of traffic over years. Content is more necessary than the design. Realizing a web – page, users examine for some fixed points or anchors which would give them appropriate guidance through the content of the page. If a website isn’t able to meet user expectations then the designer failed to get his job done properly and the company loses money. The more is the cognitive load and the less intuitive is the navigation, the more willing the users to allowancing the website and look for alternatives options.

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10 Principles of good web design are as follows.

  1. Don’t create users to think – In conferring to Krug’s first law of usability; the web page needs to be self-explanatory and evident enough. While establishing your website, your job is to clarify all the related questions. The judgment users have to create consciously considering all the pros as well as cons, and relatable alternatives.
    If the structure of the site and navigation is not intuitive, this will raise more question marks. This makes it difficult for the users to assimilate the working of the system and how to get to point from one point to another. Let us examine an example- Since buyers tend to examine websites according to the F pattern these 3 statements would be the first elements users will see on the page once it is loaded. The design is simple and yet very intuitive for the users to understand the page requirements in order to look for their answers. The explanation using the images is placed on a different side. Just swapping both blocks could enhance user usability.
  2. Don’t squander the patience of your users– In every assignment you would offer your visitors the service or tool in order to keep the user needs minimal. The lesser the action is needed of the users to test any service, the more are the chances any random visitor would actually give it a chance. The visitors who are visiting for the first time likely to play more with such services instead of filling lengthy web forums for any account which they might even never use in the near future. Let them examine the site and then discover the services without compelling.
  3. Manage to focus the attention of your users– As websites offer both dynamic as well as static content, some of the aspects will attract the users more. Apparently, images are definitely more eye-catchy than just the text. The human eye is a highly non –linear device and web users can immediately recognize edges, patterns, and motions. That is the reason why video-based advertisements are extremely irritating, but from the marketing perspective they perfectly do the job of capturing users attention
  4. Strive for the feature exposure– Modern web pages are generally censured due to the approach of guiding their users using visually attractive steps, buttons with some visual effects and etc.
  5. Let the users examine clearly what functions are available- this is a fundamental feature of good website design. It does not really matter what it is acquired. What matters is that the content is well understood and visitors feel relaxed with the way they interact with the system?
  6. Make use of effective writing– As the web is different from print, it is essential to adjust the writing style to user preferences and browsing habits. Promotional writing won’t be considered. Long blocks of just text without any images or marked in italics or bold would have glanced. Exaggerated language will be ignored. Talk business Avoid cute or clever names, marketing-induced names, Company-specific names, and similar technical names.
  7. Strive for simplicity– Users are hardly on a design to enjoy the design, Henceforth, in many cases, they are searching for the information although the design. Strive for simplicity rather than complexity. Rom the visitor’s point of view, the best site design is a perfect text without advertisements or further blocks identical for queries visitors used the content they have been searching for. This is one of the logic that why a user-friendly print-version of web pages is necessary for a good user experience.
  8. Don’t be afraid of the white space– Absolutely it is really difficult to overestimate the emphasis of white space. Not only it does help to lower the cognitive load for the visitors but it makes it possible to distinguish the information presented on the screen. When a new user arrives at a design layout, he/she tries to do scan the page and distribute the content area into digestible segments of information.
  9. Commutate efficiently with a visible language
    • Organize– Contribute the user with a clear and consistent structure. Consistency, screen layout, relationships, and navigability are essential concepts of business. The same conventions and rules should be spread to all elements.
    • Economize– 4 important points to be determined- simplicity, clarity, distinctiveness, and emphasis. Simplicity consists of the elements that are most important for communication.
    • Clarity– All ingredients should be described so their meaning is not ambiguous
    • Distinctiveness– The necessary characteristic of the necessary elements should be differentiable.
    • Emphasis– The most essential elements should be easily anticipated.
  10. Conventions are our friends– Conventional design of site elements does not create a good conclusion in a boring website. In fact, conventions are very useful as they diminish the learning curve the need to work out how things work. For example, it would be a usability nightmare if the websites had several visual presentations of RSS- feeds.

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