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How To Develop Responsive And SEO Friendly Websites

The internet is the new environment, maybe it has always been but people are just starting to realize it. The internet opens you to a world of possibilities as you are only limited by what you choose to limit you. The rise of search engines ended up making things a whole lot easier. You no longer have to know the URL of a website to be able to access it. All you need to know is the name of the brand and allow search engines to do the errand of giving you relevant answers. These search engines usually have conditions websites must meet in order to appear as a result provided by a search engine whenever a keyword is searched. The conditions include but not limited to web loading speed, the content of the website, backlinks, use of keywords to mention a few. It is actually no surprise that top brands will hire the best eCommerce Agency and/or eCommerce development company to manage their websites so that they will always appear as a top result.

For a budding brand, however, developing a responsive and SEO-friendly website may not be so expensive. All you need is to know the basics of what it entails and work in line with it. You don’t necessarily have to strain your pocket to start-up and main your website. This article will give you tips on how to develop a responsive and SEO-friendly website.

Identify and use Content Management System

This could be the beginning of your failure. Your content management system is considered the foundation of your website and the wrong foundation means that the building is doomed. It is advised to use WordPress especially if you want a readily available template for your website or if you do not have adequate knowledge of coding. Being an online web development platform, you will be able to test run your website at ease with every step you take. It must not be WordPress but it must be a user-friendly content management system.

Integrate social media

One of the factors affecting your SEO ranking is the number of backlinks you have. One source of backlink is social media. Besides the backlink advantage, social media also help to promote your content while making it interactive. Instead of just leaving the bottom of your web pages blank, you can add the links to your social media accounts there.

Great content

This is the inner look of every website. Content is usually mistaken for the write-ups on a web page. Content is actually more than that. Content like its contextual meaning gives is all that is contained in something. In other words, the content of your website is everything contained in your website. This is very necessary as no marketing campaign will be successful when you don’t have valuable and engaging content for your web visitors. Search engines also use this as a criterion for ranking web pages.

Use simple navigation

It is not simple navigation if I a web user cannot understand how to use it from a glance. I always recommend the three clicks navigation. In other words, the sub-navigation buttons should not be more than two. Avoid designs that will collapse your navigation button or designs that will make your navigation button hard to locate.

Optimal use of multimedia

Pictures they say, speak a thousand words. This is the more reason why you should mind the number of pictures you use. This is because too many words usually make things boring. Every picture contained in your website should serve a purpose. There’s a reason it is called a website, not a photo gallery. Besides that, too many pictures carry more data and will cause your website to take longer when loading.

Never toy with customer service

Your website should have a button that your web visitors or customers can click on when they want to give you feedback. This is necessary if you want to keep your customers or show your prospects that you are concerned about what they have to say about your products or services.

Creating a responsive and SEO-friendly website is not all easy. In fact, it is far from being as easy as stated in this article. However, you are assured of getting the required results if you judiciously follow the points stated in this article. One important thing you should never ignore is the need to evaluate the performance of your website. You should always conduct regular checks to ensure that everything is in order, remove broken links if there are any, redesign your webpage if anyone needs redesigning and so much more.


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