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How to Speed up Your WordPress Website?

Every content developer and WordPress Maintenance Service marketer wishes that the visitor’s viewing experience on their site should be pleasant. For this to happen, the pages should be fast to increase the visitor view on the page.

Studies have shown that the traffic visiting sites’ average attention span has fallen down from 12 seconds to 7 seconds. This means that the developer has little time to show the users their contents and persuade them to stay at their website. A slower website means the potential visitor will leave the website even before it is loaded.

Usually, developers, especially beginners, think if the website is loading quickly on their system, then the website is ok, which is a big mistake. The modern browsers save the cache and automatically prefetch the data when you start writing the website, and since you visit it a lot of times, it loads almost instantly.

But a normal visitor who is visiting the website for the first time might not have the same experience. Hence, it is recommended that the developer conduct WordPress Website Speed Test; there are various tools available online to do this test.

There are various tools available to Increase Website Speed WordPress; some of them are explained below:

Install a WordPress Caching Plugin

WordPress must find all the required information, put it together, and display it for the visitor to publish the pages. This route involves a lot of steps, and if multiple people visit the site at the same time, it slows down the website. That’s why it is recommended that each WordPress website should have a caching plugin to increase website speed. Caching makes the website two to five times faster. Many WordPress hosting companies offer caching solutions also.

Optimize Images for Speed

Images provide life to content and help boost engagement with the visitors. But if the images aren’t optimized, they will hamper the speed of the websites. Before uploading the photo on the website from any mobile device, it is advisable to use photo editing software to optimize the web’s images. In the original format, the photos are of huge sizes, but when photo editing software is used, it will decrease the size of the image by five times. The experts highly recommend us jpg format photos as they have the smallest image size.

Use Faster Plugins

If the WordPress plugins are poorly coded, it will cause a lot of bloat loading problems whether the site requires it or not, which causes to slow down on your site even though the page will be loaded faster. There are various plugins available that don’t cause the site’s bloating, but once you have installed faster plugins, your WordPress Website Speed Test to check the site must be working properly.

Use a Theme Optimized for Speed

There are many fastest WordPress Themes available, with the help of which you can create the sites without even using the codes. These themes will be available with in-built plugins that will help you create a website that will not lag while loading the images or videos for your site.

Choose Best Hosting Service

There are many hosting providers available and we have very good experience with Cloudways.

Keep Your WordPress Site Updated

WordPress is an open-source project which is updated regularly; these updates provide not only new features but also fixes various bugs and security issues. The WordPress plugins and themes also get regular updates. To keep the site, plugins, and themes updated with the latest versions is your responsibility. If it is not done frequently, your site will become slow and unreliable, and it will be vulnerable to security threats.

Reduce Database Calls

Many WordPress themes are poorly coded, and they ignore the standard practice used in WordPress, and they make direct database calls or unnecessary requests to the database. This will adversely affect the WordPress Website Speed Test. Hence it is advisable to customize themes as per your requirement by using a child theme. You will be able to replace the database calls with specific information to reduce unnecessary calls.

Reduce External HTTP Requests

When you add plugins to your site, they bring all kinds of files from other sites. Using some of them is ok, but if the plugins are introducing many of these requests, they will hamper your site’s speed. The request can be reduced developed by disabling styles and scripts or merging them into one file.

Split Long Posts into Pages

Many readers love to read in-depth knowledge-sharing blogs and articles. But as a developer, creating long blogs & articles with images will slower your loading time. It is always a better idea to split the post and create multiple pages; this is an inbuilt function in WordPress.

Use Lazy Loading if Needed

If you are creating a site that will be embedded with videos and images, you will find lazy usage loading very beneficial. This tool will only download those images and videos visible on the user screen instead of loading everything. The user shall perceive the images as they scroll down as the website will show images in the user’s viewing area.

Use Latest PHP Version

The main programming language for Increase Website Speed WordPress is PHP, and since it is a server language, it is installed and run by the hosting server of the site. Your hosting server should have the latest PHP version essential for your website’s smooth and speed-running. Install version info plugin; it will let you know the version of the host server’s PHP. If the host server is not updating the version, it is time to change your host server.

If you are unable to conduct the WordPress Maintenance Service of your site, themes, and plugins on a regular basis, you can engage the services of WordPress development teams. They will ensure that your site is optimized regularly and there is no lagging of the site. With regular updating, they will fix all the bugs and security-related issues so that your site is not vulnerable.

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