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13 Tips to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for E-Commerce

Running a business without having a competitive website has become an impossible thing to do in today’s time. While many businesses assume that all they need is a user-friendly and attractive website, there is a lot more that you need to consider while making any decision related to the website of your business. There are many updates that happen on the website at regular intervals and you need to follow all the updates to ensure that your potential clients will love the idea of using your website.

If you have a website that is full of the best products and you have come up with exceptionally good product descriptions, but the advanced features are missing from it, then just imagine the bad impression it will put on the users. The most common mistake that people make is that they don’t follow the right e-commerce payment solutions which is why users visit their website, but they don’t buy anything because of the time that gets wasted while exploring the website.

The payment gateway of your website can either dismantle or propel your business. In today’s time, when people lead busy lives, waiting on a website to make a payment for their purchases is the last thing that they would like to do.  This makes it necessary for you as a business owner to use an e-commerce payment gateway that will make it easy for the users to purchase and pay for the goods and services they buy.

It is important to provide a hassle-free experience to users so that they don’t feel stuck while using your website. The question comes that how should you choose the right gateway for payment; many online stores and retailers can make it easy for you to have an effective and easy payment gateway for your website.

The kind of website you have

The website of your business matters the most as this is how people would judge your business. A website that doesn’t have complete information about the background of a business and all other required details is certainly bad and the chances of survival of any such business are also less. You can do some research on the online platform to understand what your competitors are up to and this will also make it easy for you to get your website designed as per that. It is also necessary to hire an e-commerce web development company in Pune for it.

Factors to consider while choosing a payment gateway:

Transaction charges:

Most business owners aren’t aware of the transaction charges, it is important to check if you have to pay any setup fee or monthly fee. It is important to have transparency in the payment gateway.

Annual maintenance charges

There are instances when business owners are excited and overlook the maintenance charges that they have to pay. It is necessary that you take this cost as an important aspect while setting up the payment gateway. The charges should be less so that they can easily fit your budget.

Number of steps that are there

No business owner likes the idea to confuse their customers with a lot many steps to payment on their website. The fewer steps, the more users will be satisfied by using your website.

Process flow

There is a complete process flow that you have to understand before you opt for any particular payment gateway.  In case you find it difficult to understand any aspect related to it, then you should discuss it with a professional. The entire system can be complex and as it plays a major role in the website of a company, thus it is important to go through all its aspects of it.

How responsive the payment page is?

Most users use the online platform from their mobiles, thus it is important to understand if your page is responsive as per that or not. There are various versions of a responsive page that you can opt for.

CMS integration

You shouldn’t deal with the platforms that aren’t integrated with CMS, otherwise, it can make you face issues in the later years.

Automated payments

If you deal in a service where your customers can ask for recurring payments, then you should consider adding this feature to your payment gateway. Automation is a must as otherwise processing recurring payments can be a huge problem.

Fraud Protection

Payment protection is our responsibility as business owners as it makes people trust you. You should look for a provider who offers advanced features that will help you ensure that your customers will not face any fraud-related issues.

Customer support

As you can need the help of customer care at any time of the day, thus you should hire a professional that offers round the clock. The location of the customer support team also matters a lot.

Currency support

If your payment gateway accepts limited currencies only, then the chances will be that you will lose many customers, thus it is one of the necessary aspects to keep in mind while setting up the payment gateway for your website.

Settlement cycle

In general, it takes only a few days to settle the funds from the merchant’s account, you should have the proper details of the turnover time it will take so that you don’t come across any problem with it.


There are certain documents that you will need at the time of setting the payment gateway, this will make sure that you will not face any last-minute issues while setting up the payment gateway.


As users like the idea of doing the transactions quickly, thus the time it will take to go through the payment gateway matters a lot. It is something that you need to be specifically considerate about as it can make you lose customers.

You can find many professionals online that can assist you in setting up a payment gateway for your website.



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