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The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Website Design for beginners

One of the most important factors of an e-commerce website is the image it projects. If your site inspires trust and security, you’ve already won half the battle.

There are certain fundamentals and aspects you need to consider for the best e-commerce website design, to deliver the best shopping experience to your customers. To get started, if you decide that you are going to sell products or services online, it is essential a shopping cart, a processing system for credit cards, as well as an organized ordering process.

Along with this, there are other important components that a reputed e-commerce web development company keep in mind:


The structure within an E-commerce website is to decide how many sections the site will have, as well as define how they will be linked to each other. At this point, it is advised that you use graphics and icons that accompany and improve the content.

The menus of an online store should be clear and make it easier to find what the user is looking for. Before defining the menu, web developers recommend that you make good Keyword Research, to use the keywords that have the most potential for your project.


Think about the design of the site that fulfills e-commerce website design guidelines. No matter if you’ve hired a web designer or are doing this job yourself, the fundamental thing is to focus on simplicity. It is best to go for a design that facilitates readability and is at the same time consistent.

The corporate image

Your eCommerce site should be consistent with your company’s corporate image. Your brand is the most precious thing and your site is a reflection of it. Just as the user perceives your site, they also perceive your business.

Colors and typography must be consistent with your brand and their use must follow your company’s guidelines.

Navigation/ Usability

This is another key element on an eCommerce page, so you should make your site easy and friendly to all visitors who access it. For example, don’t use more than two or three links in larger areas, and never let visitors fall on pages that have no output.

The deeper users have to navigate or go through more pages to reach their final product, the more likely they are to leave the purchase process. So try not to create many subcategories.

Never forget when you delete a product, redirect the URL to a similar product if you have it or to the category of that product. There is nothing worse in navigation than the famous 404 errors.


This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the construction of the best e-commerce website design and you should not lose sight of it. In other words, your e-commerce website should reach all visitors by telling them why they should buy your product or service.

As a result, your website has to look very professional and give potential customers that sense of trust that is always required on such sites.

Don’t forget to clearly expose all company contact information, including your full address, phone, fax, plus email. All this information should be easily accessible from any page where the client is browsing and in fact be prominently displayed on the main page of the site.

Likewise, it is mandatory (by law) to publish a privacy notice and terms of use of the site, so that the buyer is clear how the personal data he leaves on the site and the information you obtain through cookies are processed.

Popular products

Your customers’ favorite products should be highlighted in a special way, such as in the first place of recommendations, you should have an eye-catching ad so that no one can resist buying it.

On these occasions it is necessary to place the details of the product and make it have good visibility, you can opt for the 360-degree photographs right in the home of your eCommerce with the buy button as close as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are that secret web marketing weapon that helps the seller please buyers in case of their doubts. How a product works, what are the conditions of free shipping, returns, are some questions that must be answered instantly.


The Internet is becoming more mobile. Customers can reach your site either via tablet, smartphone or computer.

Your site must be versatile and adapt to any platform. The shopping experience should be similar in any of them. A responsive system gives a good image and makes your client feel good. A happy customer is a client who buys and returns to your site.

Optimized site

An optimized site is a “healthy” site. The part that contributes the most to the weight of a site is images so it is important to look for a balance between quality and weight. Minimize file size without sacrificing quality. E-commerce web development company tests until the site loads quickly.

Users leave a site if it takes time to load. Ensures that at least part of it (the logo and menu) is the first thing you load (preferably in the first second) and then the rest of the site in a top-to-bottom sequence.


A search box is more than mandatory, many of your visits will arrive looking for a specific product that may no longer be in your main section and that they urgently need. This button should be located at the top of your eCommerce site for greater access.

For this item, you can also add filters in the search such as color, product type, size, and even maximum and minimum price, and other categories. That way you’ll please the visitor with just what he’s looking for.

Another good idea is to list the most outstanding or most ordered products, and also differentiate them by age, for example when it comes to children’s products.

Reliable payment systems

Even if you don’t create it, a specific payment system can determine all the purchases of a customer on your eCommerce site. A professional e-commerce web development company recommends that you have the most famous or recognized global online payment systems like PayPal, Google Wallet, etc.

You must also have other payment systems that customers prefer as a virtual POS which is the option of online payment by credit card. To have it you must make a contract with the banks you want to associate with, you also have the option to make bank transfers.

There are other payment methods such as counter-refund which is when the customer pays for the product as soon as they receive it, in this case, you can also make contracts or alliances with shipping companies to facilitate the whole process.


According to the study, by the Ecommerce Observatory 49% of users read the blog of an eCommerce site or the experiences of other users before realizing a purchase.

In it, you can also make success stories of your customers, contact those who love your e-commerce, and who would be happy to give their testimonials.


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