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Essential Keys to Ecommerce Web Development

E-commerce websites are similar to that of local malls and stores, and hence the first impression matters. An attractive user interface and well-organized products will invite customers and encourage them to browse and buy. People get disappointed by the stores that are usually disorganized, and hence they lose sales.

An E-commerce website is just like other websites. There are additional features in it, like the SSL configuration, site architecture, payment options, page load speed, design, and photography. You need a platform that supports server resources. Or else, the sales in your store will slow down and crash.

For All Those Who Own a Website – Develop your Website Successfully

There are some processes of Ecommerce Website Design Guidelines, which involves building the structure, programming, web design, publishing, and database management.

If your current website is not working properly or is not looking professional or visually appealing, it is time to redevelop it.

Whether you are building or redeveloping your website, here are some things that you should know to make Ecommerce Website Development successfully.

  1. Handle the Volume by Opting Right Platform & Theme

A platform is an initial foundation for your business. For building an E-commerce website, choose a platform like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magneto, or others that can handle the volume that you need in the near future.

Are you planning to sell products to multinational customers using different currencies? If so, then building omnichannel and multi-channel websites requires a strong platform.

After choosing a platform, the important thing is to choose a theme. You need a website that is:

  • Visually appealing
  • Loads speedily
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Responsive
  • Works on any browsers

If all these things are present, then customers easily interact with your site. It must be good looking and perform well.

  1. Make a Difference with Site Performance

PageRank is important to increase traffic. Use proper SEO to increase the PageRank, and shoppers can find you easily.

It is very important because the CTR drops by more than half from the first position to the second position in the search results.

Site performance and page load speed also matter for UX and Google’s rankings. The impatient patient usually leaves slow sites quickly. Statistics reveal that 40% of the shoppers leave the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

From July 2018, the page load speed of websites for mobile devices has become a part of Google’s algorithm to rank pages.

Faster loading pages have a better user experience, and it’s good for everyone.

  1. How Responsive Website Design Pave Way for Mobile Customers?

It is necessary to make all web pages optimized for mobile; however, thousands of website owners used old themes and websites that can only be viewed from a desktop.

Statistics report that about 49.7% of total page views were made from mobile devices. You will miss out on about 50% of customers if your website is not optimized for mobile.

Mobile users should be able to search, browse, and buy things from their mobile.

  1. Create a Secured Line for Data Safety

Trust between a merchant and a customer takes time to build and is necessary for sales. If you have all of your pages encrypted with HTTPS protocol along with the payment information pages, it builds trust. Customers also expect you to keep their personal data safe and secure.

The payment information and transaction require high security, and you should maintain that. In order to accept credit cards, your side must have PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.

If you want additional security, don’t store credit card information on the company’s website. If your system gets hacked, you will become liable.

  1. Know what Product to Choose & What Not

Offering too many choices for customers can reduce your sales. Buyers feel it difficult to decide when given too many options. They will then choose to walk out. Here are some ways to overcome this situation.

  • Offer your products with some limitations.
  • Select the best products at first. Narrow their choices by choosing two to three best products from a number of products.
  • The checkout process shall have fewer pages. If you have a long process, it may reduce the opportunity of a complete sale.

Always try to offer a site search that is fast and reliable. You should know that 30% of customers use the site search. It’s an important component for E-commerce sites.

Never choose the default search engine that is found on most sites. You should purchase a third-party search engine that provides many filters that can narrow a customer’s search.

You’ll need a detailed product description by using keywords to make your search engine find products faster.

  1. Why High-Quality Images & Videos is a Must?

Normally users give only about 19 seconds to your site. So it would help if you were straight to the point, grab people’s attention, and keep them on your website by explaining the products.

Photos and videos are perfect for gaining people’s attention. You should locate photos on every page, and it will surely get you to success in your business.

Video can tell the complete story of a product that photos can’t. Try to add more videos. One retailer claims that the chances to buy a product are 144% more for the shoppers who see videos as compared to those who don’t.

  1. Make the Transaction Less Hectic

You have done everything correctly so far. The customer will find what they are looking for using site search, great product descriptions, and photos. They will add the product to their shopping cart and proceed out to make a payment. The checkout process, however, offers some difficulties.

  • More shipping costs
  • Unclear return policy
  • Unaccepted payments
  • The customers must create an account to complete payments

These are the things that reduce the customer’s excitement, and it will eventually lead to drop down the cart. How can you prevent this?

The first thing is to reduce shipping costs. You can post the shipping fees and return policies on the homepage and product pages to reduce this. It eliminates unpleasant surprises for the customers.


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