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FastComet Hosting Review

For those looking for a good solution to virtual hosting, but do not want to sacrifice quality, FastComet hosting is a wonderful choice. They offer their users the SSD drives that are up to 300% faster than normal. There is also available free Cloudflare CDN functionality, which increases the overall speed of your website.

FastComet hosting is a great hosting solution for small businesses due to its specialization in managing the LAMP stack. The company provides shared hosting-Linux with cPanel and cloud VPS plans and dedicated servers. FastComet hosting offers the hosting with support for popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, and others, including the installation of one-click more than 400 scripts open source with the help of Softaculous and Fantastico. The FastComet hosting provider gives a free SSL/TLS certificates “Let’s Encrypt” for each domain, making the creation of commercial websites for small businesses quick and easy. FastComet hosting review will propose you a profound analysis of the hosting provider.


If you haven’t heard about FastComet hosting before, you are in a good company. FastComet hosting is one of the fastest-growing, yet least-known web hosting providers. In fact, the situation will change very quickly because of the positive reviews. On their SSD drives with free CDN and servers located worldwide, your website will be extremely fast. The company offers the ideal configuration and free tools for WordPress sites for virtual and cloud hosting and dedicated servers. What is more, if you want to create a new blog or migrate an existing blog site for the best possible hosting, the FastComet hosting company for you. They solely make it easier to run and set up in a matter of seconds with the help of its installation options. Actually, a registered domain name and web hosting in one company make life much easier. FastComet hosting is the hosting provider of the world level, which also offers affordable and reliable hosting domain names. Purchase your domain name through the FastComet hosting will make setting up your own website much quicker and easier than it might be otherwise.

No matter which option you choose, you will also get premium 24/7 support, backup, and a free upgrade in one click and free the firewall security of web applications. As FastComet hosting tends to take place in the global market, it offers really great prices for their services.


FastCome provides a wide range of services to choose from. The bright examples maybe drag and drop builder. If you want to change texts or images as well as add new elements you may select this function. As a result, you can have your site running in a couple of minutes. Another service provided by FastComet is cloud VPS hosting. In fact, they are a bit expensive but provide an important upgrade of the performance. Every business with great traffic should take these plans. Together with shared hosting, you can easily share a server’s resources with another site. The resource allocation will be inconsistent since it totally depends on the way how they use it. You have a specific space on the server if you obtain a cloud VPS plan. No one apart from you can influence your performance.

In addition, when you buy VPS plans you also get complete management. In other words, the provider secures and maintains a server. What is more, you may upgrade or downgrade to another cloud VPS plan. The last benefit is the total control of your virtual server. One more type of hosting is dedicated to hosting. This hosting is the most expensive and has the highest performance respectively. All the characteristics are similar to the cloud VPS plans, but you can have more resource availability. They are provided on a fully manages basis. They go with cPanel on all plans. Moreover, the hosting provider thinks about the clients and makes all the application installations free of charge.

FastCome hosting review offers an analysis of the pros and cons of this web hosting.


  •  Great support. There is 24/7 monitoring to prevent problems and solve them quickly.
  •  There is additional security. It means that all plans are under control and the team configures any problem regarding the security.
  •  FastComet created some tutorials to teach clients how to use a specific hosting.
  •  All hosting plans have backup tools. They are simple backup creation of hosting data.
  •  There is a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  •  The setup procedure is free.
  •  Available domain for life. They provide a free domain for more than one year.
  •  There are no hidden fees on renewal.


  •  The lack of a traditional knowledge base. When the tutorials are effective, the problem solving of a specific problem is not good enough.
  •  Lack of uptime guarantee.
  •  On the one hand, the setup is free but if you pay monthly. If you choose a monthly cycle, you should pay $19.95 setup fee.

FastComet hosting is one of the fastest-growing hosting companies for commercial sites, and it is not surprising. They offer all their web hosting packages SSDs and Cloudflare CDN, which helps to ensure a fast and stable environment for all your visitors. You can also choose the location where you want to place your electronic store, as the company offers data centers in 7 different countries.

If you need a dedicated server as fast as possible, then Fastcomet hosting is what you need. They offer you a high-quality server with SSD hard drives, and powerful system resources, and Cloudflare at no additional charge. This is a great solution to all your hosting. FastComet hosting review estimated the host in every aspect, so you can decide whether to use their service or not.


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