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HostGator Hosting Review

If the name HostGator looks familiar, it might have to do with large advertising campaigns that HostGator has committed since its launch in 2002. HostGator is considered to be one of the biggest web hosting companies with $ 9 million domains. Without a doubt, HostGator is extremely popular. It provides competitive prices and attractive benefits for small, large businesses and web design companies. Each plan provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and moves forward towards a more sustainable world by offsetting CO2 emissions through wind energy. Here is a HostGator hosting review for you.


Multi-service from Host Gator

Various plans that HostGator offers you have many significant features such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space, the subdomain and MySQL database, and email. Together with all these great features, you will have access to many other convenient tools such as ready-to-install CMS platforms, free credits for Google AdWords, website designers, and the like.

Full backup and protection

HostGator guarantees a high level of reliability thanks to a very impressive 99.9% of uptime. Uptime guarantee HostGator rests on a powerful and robust system that works behind the screen.

With the help of monitoring systems, servers are regularly checked. Their secure data center is limited, so it is very comforting. All monitoring is carried out during the period 24/7/365, and backups are usually performed weekly, so you can cancel if faced with a problem.

Move your entire existing site!

The team move HostGator to advance your existing content from your previous host and configures it perfectly on the platform HostGator. Domain registration can also be transferred, so you can manage the entire online portfolio in one place!

Host Gator accompanies you at every step as at the time of registration in the service, configuring a website, and at the stage of verification of academic programs. When choosing a plan, you can quickly see the pricing and even use the slider manually to create a website with the exact characteristics.

Management of HostGator is performed using the latest version of cPanel. It is very easy to use, through the links which are regularly available in areas such as Webmail. Search engine optimizer and marketing tools are clearly marked and offer a wide range of ways to make your website noticeable. Numerous tutorials will help you better understand the principles and functions of web hosting.

hostgator reviews

Easy to use tools search engine optimizer:

  •  Easy setup
  •  The latest version of cPanel

Additionally, all packages include telephone support, in addition, to live chat and assistance in resolving problems with email. You can find a lot of video lessons about how to use hosting. It means that the company cares about its customers and tries to make cooperation easier. By uploading video lesson, they give a possibility to the clients to set up the host themselves. Online chat

  •  Video tutorials – a bunch of videos on all topics
  •  Support e-mail
  •  Forum
  •  Blog
  •  Telephone support


HostGator has prices for almost every type of webmaster, as well as a lot of coupon codes to encourage you to join. Although contracts, no longer you are with them, the lower the price. You can sign up for three years and enjoy amazing discounts, especially for Hatchling Plan.

All prices and features available at HostGator are available at the registration stage, so you can customize your settings and quickly choose the best offer for you. In addition, you get a money-back guarantee for 45 days, which is a good way to check whether this web hosting to your requirements. This provider offers web hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS. All of them are designed for 3 years.

A standard set of services from an American hosting provider, complemented by a number of other offers for its users. First, the company HostGator gives everyone to choose and register any domain name. However, it is a fact that all the users from the territory of the former Soviet Union this service will also appeal. Secondly, hosting HostGator has SSL certificates, which can significantly protect the daily activities of commercial Internet resources. Third, the provider also offers services for Urchin from Google to qualitatively analyze web traffic and, consequently, to develop a progressive strategy for the development of the website/s in the future.
Another service from HostGator is associated with the installation of different kinds of scripts. If you have any problems in this regard, the specialists of the company for a nominal fee (from $ 25) will help you in resolving them.

HostGator hosting review illustrates the possible pros and cons of the analyzed hosting.


  •  Easy to set up and use
  •  Unlimited bandwidth/disk space/email at any level
  •  Customer support around the clock
  •  Powerful tools search engine optimization and e-Commerce
  •  The money-back-guarantee for 45 days.


The company Hostgator is not only one of the most popular hosting providers in the US, and one of the leaders of the world market of hosting. Their awards can be seen on the main page. These rewards are many, and for various achievements. The website is entirely in English, so every person who speaks English can easily contact service and order the hosting. HostGator hosting review provides you an informative review of the hosting provider.

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