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Things You Must Consider While Looking For WordPress Migration Services

Discovering that your WordPress hosting provider can’t provide the quality of services you need to successfully run your business is quite heart-wrenching. This could be happening after you’ve decided to go live with your business website, and because you’re new to the website hosting world you didn’t catch a glimpse of the red flags earlier on.

When you find yourself in this situation, the only other option is to start seeking WordPress migration services. Migrating your WordPress from one hosting provider to another is a painless process when performed properly.

Note that a bad hosting service provider might not be the only reason for wanting to migrate your WordPress website. You might be seeking to add some features deployed by a web development team, or you need better speed for content rendering. Whatever the reason may be, ensure you cover the three-part of migrating which includes:

  • Moving your WordPress files.
  • Moving your database and
  • Re-configuring to match the new hosting platform.

For some companies or individuals, moving a website to a new host can be a daunting and stressful experience. Which most times compel them to pay a professional or employ the services of a third-party company to move their site for them or find them a new host that offers the services they need.

Why WordPress Migration?

The primary reason for a WordPress migration is to move the functionalities, media, and database of a working website from one server to another. The following reasons are why some companies engage in WordPress migration services.

  1. They need a better hosting provider to help them gain access to lower hosting prices or faster loading times.
  2. They are moving from a local WordPress site to a live server for better consumer engagements.
  3. They are moving a sub-domain site to the main directory.

If your business falls into any of these categories, then you are faced with the challenges of migrating your site for better and less complicated functionalities.

Things To Consider Before Using A WordPress Migration Service

Handle All Broken Links

To successfully migrate your website, you need to take a little extra time to check for all broken links and clean them up to give your website a little functionality boost. External website links within your website should also be checked and updated or removed if they no longer apply to your rebranding goals.

Backup Your Files

Every work done on computers requires us to back them up in cases of wrong execution of codes which is why we have heavily reliable cloud storage services. Before you begin to modify your web host, it is good practice to take backup of everything for safety reasons. You don’t want to risk losing your website media, content, plugins, and database information due to a bad internet connection or server disruptions.

Choose Your New Host

There’s no reason for you to be stuck with a host that doesn’t deliver the quality of service that you need to run a successful business. If you are already experiencing some setbacks with your host provider simply visit the web and look out for recommended migration services to sign up for. Some of which are

Fortunately, they do come with a lot of coupons and discounts but you have to check for their individual strengths and weaknesses to help you figure out which is better suited for your business.

URL Structure For SEO

Your links are the most significant blueprint for your website. You don’t want search engines to assume you simply copied all contents from the other site to a new one. Take your time to work with your eCommerce development company and analyst to ensure all link migration wouldn’t tamper with your website’s SEO authority on the web.

Calculate The Risks Involved

With every business decision there is always a number of risks involved but making a decision on calculated risks gets you prepared on how to handle damage control. Website migration can put you at risk of starting all you’ve built from scratch. You are also at risk of losing your website authority. Migrating web host services is time-consuming and expensive. These calculated risks will help you prepare for the impact of migration and the necessary precautions before proceeding.

Migrating a website is for the sole purpose of making it better in usage and maximizing user experience. The above precautionary measures will help you be prepared and knowledgeable about what to look out for to migrate your website safely. When the tips above are completely understood, you can take it a step further to look at the different tools available for WordPress migration.


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