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Tips for automating DevOps workflows

Successful software/website developers have always believed in DevOps automation ideas. These because projects that are made up of DevOps operation are accurately made, providing attention to detail. In addition, they are created faster with no delay in delivery time.  Now, this is a case when you work single-handedly. When working with a team, clear transparency between the various team members becomes very important. This is the reason why this article has come up with various tips for automating DevOps workflows

Choose simple algorithms rather than complex

When you choose a complex project, then there are various components that need to be taken care of. When you are trying to take care of various components, then it’s evident that you would miss crucial details and it will require a revision. In order to mitigate this issue, make sure you reduce the number of components that are present in the project and make the project simple. For instance, if a software developer is trying to make incremental improvements, then the software developer would use automation and DevOps workflow to keep it focused. The individuals will reduce the number of notifications that appear in a project and will reduce the time to find tasks.  When you automate such kind of things, then you would not have to spend the entire day taking care of each detail of the project

Make a habit to track your work

Most of the clients are angry when apparency is not established between the project manager and the team. This because the team sends a different business model description, and the project manager has a different business model in mind.  When you use DevOps automation service like personal readme, then both the project manager and the team members would be on the same page.  When automation and DevOps workflow comes into practice, then then the team members would understand the value of the work. Likewise, the project manager would understand why it is important to set the goals of the project, make a report on KPI and also view the status of the project from time to time. When the work is poorly done, you tend to send the work through email and phone calls.  When transparency is established between the project manager and the team member, then you would automatically have a number of benefits like:

  • Very little time needed to check the reports
  • Address the last-minute changes that are required in the project
  • Tracking could be dome, so both the project manager and the team member is on the same page

Use good tools

DevOps automation services make use of certain tools for continuous delivery and continuous integration.  When these tools are used, the company owner can forecast the future of the company. Like whether a product will work with a customer, or if the company needs disaster recovery planning.  DevOps services provide automation that would benefit you in certain ways. These can be stated as follows

  • With DevOpsservices, smoke validation can be created.
  • Automation will merge bills that would consider deployment of bills
  • Automation will provide you with notifications.

Provide insights

It might seem that issues that are not resolved in the past would affect the future. For instance, an interval doesn’t know how to automate certain notifications in a project. Since the individual has no clue, the project has been submitted that way, and no solution for that has been made. After a few years, there comes a time when a client needs automatic notification for the project, but since you did not know how to do it earlier. You would not know now.  In order to mitigate this issue, make sure you create timely alerts to address your problem.  in addition, make sure that you create a dashboard so that your client can see the performance reports. When the client sees that regular updates have been provided, then the client will trust you more.  The dashboard should consist of metrics, performance, tools, logs, and monitoring reports. This would mean that you are providing insights for a particular project

Make your team members know when it’s done

When you complete a complex job, and you have done it beautifully. Then it needs some appreciation.  When you update your project status as done. Then your team members would know that they have made the client happy and the client liked the work.  Using the automation and DevOps workflow to make the crucial information known to your team members will make you bring you closer to the team.

Plan the workflow

Now when you are on a tight timeline to complete the project, it is very important that you plan your workflow.  Different automation experts have different workflow formations to complete their projects. Some use drawings to show the logic while some write the workflow in textual form to make their team members on demand.  In recent cases, the workflow idea that has been famous Is known as the swim lane concept.  Through this approach, project managers are able to identify which team members are doing what works.  So, it’s recommended that you don’t just start with the project right away. Plan the workflow gradually.

Make sure that your workflow is understood

You are an expert in creating the workflow, but your client has no idea of it. So, make a workflow that is undatable to the normal audience that has no knowledge of technology whatsoever.  In order to do this efficiently, make sure that you have included all the relevant information that is needed in the workflow. So, the client would see that you mean business and don’t want to waste the clients time in adding unnecessary information

Final thoughts

Automation is necessary for the project. This saves a lot of time and effort. When automation is done for a project, then insights can be seen, the project can be managed u=between various departments, and workflow could be understood by people who have zero technical knowledge. So, it’s very important that you keep your workflow focused and to the detail.


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